Effective Field Hockey Tips that Beginners Can Make Use of

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Field hockey is an amazing sport, and the youth seems to be quite excited about taking this up as their profession. However, just as any sport, field hockey needs dedication, practice and deploying the right skills on the field. There are several ways to enhance your game if you are a beginner yourself, and this article might help you understand and utilize those tricks of the game.

First Touch:

The first skill that you need to learn and imbibe into your practice ritual is that of First Touch. As the name suggests, this is where you touch the ball for the first time and set the ball in motion. You need to touch the ball in such a way that it moves in the space that is available, and in the right direction. It is incredibly important to master the first touch since this is what can chart the course of your game.



The second skill that we need to talk about here is that of leading. Here again, you need to go by what the name suggests and lead the ball in the right direction. It might take you some time to master this skill, but once you understand the subtle dynamics of the ball and the field, there is nothing like it. Leading is an essential skill to ace because that is how you can turn the game to your favor.


Having covered the two very important techniques of leading and first touch, we need to focus a bit on passing as well. Passing is the skill that you need to ace if you want to pass the ball to your teammates deftly and with utmost precision. There are different styles of passing, and you might want to work on each of those styles for your position. Getting the hang of each of these styles shall help you and your team play in harmony and enhance the synchronization.


Another skill that is vital for you to understand and work on is that of the hit. However, to make the most of this technique you need to master the right body movements too. Gauging the position of the ball, using your head, legs and other parts of the body deftly- these are some things that must be paid attention to while using this skill.


Field hockey is an interesting sport. However, one needs to be determined enough to carve a niche for themselves in this sport and must also put in all the required effort. Practice makes a human being perfect, and that is why beginners must pay attention to these tips and invest their time and energy in mastering the skills.

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